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Zika Virus Awareness Week: What’s Your Contribution?

Maryland residents are halfway though ‘Zika Virus Awareness Week’ where critical, yet simple action has been encouraged in the fight against mosquitoes and the spread of this potentially life damaging disease. From April 24th through to Saturday 30th, Governor Larry Hogan urged residents to contribute to the ongoing battle against these tiny, yet deadly pests. Here’s an article with more information:-

Governor Larry Hogan Proclaims April 24-30 Zika Virus Awareness Week

Governor Larry Hogan has issued a statewide proclamation declaring April 24-30 “Zika Virus Awareness Week” in Maryland – a time for residents to take simple, but critically important steps to prevent the spread of the mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus. It is critical that Maryland residents survey their properties and their communities and eliminate or treat mosquito breeding sites.

Wherever you are located you can play your part, you don’t need to be in Maryland to get involved. All it takes is a few simple steps to get your mosquito control in order and you will have made a huge difference to not only protect your family, but also anyone who comes to your home. If communities work together on this, everyone can contribute to keeping the mosquito population from rising. Even the ‘internet giant’ Google has played it’s part…

Awareness of zika and other mosquito borne disease needs to be shared at all times. Of course, it is great to have a campaign backed by government to help get the message out there but this needs to be something that is embedded in our minds. We need to always be aware of the dangers of these tiny killers and be constantly acting to protect ourselves.

Zika Awareness: Protection against mosquito

The virus itself is not deadly; however, it has been linked to a birth defect in babies called microcephaly where the infants are born with heads much smaller than the average. Aedes aegypti is not the species experts say Marylanders are commonly surrounded by as the weather gets warmer, but we’re told residents should still be on the look out.

What can you do to contribute to raising awareness? By taking a few moments to share this article you could reach out to many others that are still not taking action against the dangers, so please get involved wherever you are and let’s make Zika Virus Awareness Week as effective as it can be.