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Mosquitoes: Chickens to the Rescue!

Researches have discovered that the smell of chickens helps to repel the Anopheles arabiensis mosquito, the responsible critter for spreading the devastating disease of malaria. These scientists have made observations as to the behavior of this particular breed of mosquito, and the following article has the full story.

Chickens May Help Repel Malaria-Carrying Mosquitoes

Researchers looked at the behavior of the malaria-carrying mosquito Anopheles arabiensis in three villages in western Ethiopia, where people commonly share their living quarters with their livestock. They found that the mosquitoes strongly preferred human over animal blood, and when outdoors, they randomly fed on cattle, sheep and goats.

This may be a huge breakthrough in the fight against malaria, as controlling livestock could have an influence and contribution to mosquito control. Chickens also help with detecting other mosquito borne diseases.

Since this video has been broadcast, it has been reported that chickens CAN actually help with the detection of the Zika virus.

“Fowl Odor” Can Prevent Zika Virus from Spreading

Chickens can help prevent Zika virus from spreading. A new study shows mosquitoes that spread Zika and malaria are afraid of chickens and they tend to avoid their odor.
The study, published in Malaria Journal, reveals that mosquitoes keep their distance from chickens as they feed on insects. Researchers also say the smell of chickens alone scares even the hungriest mosquito.

In addition to your mosquito control, you may wish to invest in a few chickens for your yard. Not only can they provide you with fresh eggs every day, they can protect you and your family from the deadliest creature on earth!