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Let’s Talk About Zika

We’ve been focusing our post content on the Zika virus over the last few weeks, due the increasing and concerning number of reported cases that are effecting women and their unborn children. As with all pest related diseases we feel it necessary to spread awareness and as this particularly devastating illness approaches the shores of the United States, we need to be prepared.

Here are some Q and A’s we found, that might prove useful to understanding this virus some more.

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Zika Virus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned pregnant women against travel to several countries in the Caribbean and Latin America where the Zika virus is spreading. Infection with the virus appears to be linked to the development of unusually small heads and brain damage in newborns.

Are you protected from mosquitoes? Are you ready to be pro-active and take the steps to protect your immediate surroundings? It’s not just a matter of spraying your skin with repellent, it’s protecting your home, your place of safety, your sanctuary.

It’s so sad when you see these poor defenceless babies! If you know someone who may be expecting a child, then please share this post and help spread awareness.

Here’s another article with more important information:-

Zika Virus: Five Things You Need to Know

U.S. officials have issued a travel advisory about the Zika virus, which is spreading fast across Latin America and which is suspected of causing birth defects. Here are five important facts about the virus…read more.

Focus your attention on this quote from the above article, “It’s likely to spread fast and far.” Please do all you can to protect yourselves, your children and most importantly, any new arrivals to your family.