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Protect your Children from Zika Virus

As far as mosquito borne disease goes, there are many out there that have made the headlines due to their deadly nature and ability to spread at an alarming rate. From malaria to chikungunya, west nile virus to dengue fever, they all carry a very real danger to human life.

Recent reports have thrown up yet another life threatening disease transmitted by mosquitoes: The zika virus. This adds yet another reason to our list of why these needle nosed killers are entitled ‘Public Enemy No. 1’

As diseases proliferate, mosquitoes becoming Public Enemy No. 1

It didn’t make people all that sick; most infected people had no symptoms at all. Zika was confined to a relatively narrow belt that ran from equatorial Africa to Asia.  Today, Zika has spread to Central and South America and is linked to an alarming increase in once-rare birth defects in Brazil.

We have previously shared with you articles relating to the threat of this virus and the risks to pregnant women and their unborn children. Sadly, the first case in the U.S has been reported and warnings have been issued regarding travel to certain parts of Southern America and The Caribbean.

The first risk reports relating to Zika and pregnant women was reported in Brazil. Now it seems that with fast succession, mosquitoes are spreading their wings and their deadly illnesses over seas and into new territory. It’s no wonder why we truly hate mosquitoes!

Protect your children from the very real threat of this deadly virus, whether they are here with us today or are due to arrive in the not too distant future.