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Zika: We’ve Got To Get Moving!

While Congress still dithers about a decision on Zika and providing funds to help the fight, the virus is still headstrong and making it’s way across the United States. So why exactly is it taking them so long to come to a decision to help protect citizens against this debilitating disease? Here’s an article with an interesting insight.

What is taking Congress so long on Zika funding?

We should first say that no one in Washington is questioning the threat that the Zika virus constitutes. The prospect that horrific, lifelong birth defects could be flying around in mosquito form, ready to strike at backyard barbecues and Fourth of July parties this summer, is terrifying enough.

With mosquito season upon us, there needs to be some action. Of course, we can take our own preventative measures by making sure our mosquito control is up to date and that we are applying repellents, but of course, we need reassurance as to what the long term plan is.

As the President states “we’ve got to get moving!” we need the time to develop vaccines, and to put research into place.

Sen. Marco Rubio pressures Congress to act on Zika money

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio says that if Congress does not act now on Zika prevention funding, lawmakers may have to return to Washington later for an emergency vote. Rubio and fellow Republican U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo predicted Friday at a news conference that the Zika crisis will escalate over the summer if funding is not increased.

Let’s hope that a decision is made imminently, and we can start to have some reassurance that this mosquito borne virus is up against a defensive line that it simply can’t push though.