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Little-Known Facts About Mice, And Why You Should Never Allow Them In Your Home

Mice. These tiny rodents are found all over the world and are actually the number one pest that you can encounter in your home. They will quietly creep into your house and make it theirs, especially during the cold seasons to keep warm and find food to survive.

As annoying as they can get, there are some pretty interesting facts about these creatures that you should know. It will help you better understand how they operate so you can also keep them out more effectively:


  1. They have nest-building in their DNA


Yes, you read that right; nest-building is right in their DNA. Some rats build with an escape route while others don’t. These tiny pests know exactly how to turn a little free space in your home into their little nest.


‘’It’s true! As bizarre as it sounds, nest building technique is genetic in mice. Different species build different types of nests- for instance, some mice build nests with long entrances and escape tunnels, while others build nests with shorter entrances and no escape routes at all. Scientists have found that when a litter of mice is separated from its parents and raised with absolutely no influence from outside factors (i.e. other mice), they will still build their nests using the same techniques as their parents. As with any gene, there are dominant and recessive traits, meaning that when two mice of different species reproduce, their offspring’s nest building technique follows that of the parent mouse who held the dominant technique gene.’ Read more from Excel pest services


Different species build their little homes differently. This means that they don’t need to be trained to know how to turn your home into their favorite habitat, regardless of their particular mix of species.


  1. Mice are actually very smart

It’s hard to think of these tiny rodents as intelligent, but they actually are very smart. They have the ability to remember their exact routes no matter how long ago they used it. Ever wondered why it can be so hard to catch them?


‘’Finally, one of the most interesting mouse facts is that despite their small size, mice are incredibly intelligent creatures. They exhibit an amazing memory and can remember members of their own families, as well as routes and trails throughout their homes. Even mice that are kept as pets often have a memory for their own names and can recognize when they are being called! Because of their intelligence, they manage to be incredibly crafty and avoid catching.’’ Read more from A-Z Animals


The fact that they are difficult to catch probably comes as no surprise. But did you know it’s because they are smart, crafty and have a memory beyond their body size?


  1. Mice can squeeze through the tiniest of holes

Although their small size helps, it is not the only reason why mice are able to squeeze through tiny holes. Did you know that a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime? Why is that?


‘’For years a rumor has circulated that rodents have collapsible skeletons which allow them to squeeze through tight spaces. This is not true. And while it is also said that they lack a “collarbone,” this is not exactly correct either. The mouse’s sloping clavicle is positioned differently from our own, in accordance with its profoundly different anatomy and the fact that certain supporting bones serve different functions. Just look at how the mouse holds its head and neck and compare it to how we do and you will begin to understand. The clavicle of a mouse simply does not provide a barrier as it would in a human.

The skeleton of a mouse accommodates its lifestyle, a good deal of which is taken up by burrowing for food and safety. It can be said that it was “made” to squeeze into things, a natural adaptation to a life of digging and tunneling.’’ Read more from Victor


They can invade your home through the tiniest crack. So, when checking for cracks around the walls or ceiling in your house, don’t dismiss those dime-sized holes.


Knowing just how crafty mice can get allows you to know just what you’re dealing with in case you notice any rodent activity in or around your Arlington, VA home. Although they are small, they can be quite destructive and even dangerous. Reach out to us at Backyard Bug Patrol for the best and most effective pest control solutions.