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Risks Involved When Homeowners Perform DIY Rodent Control

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there has been an increase in Do It Yourself (DIY) projects in many homes across the country. The Farnsworth Group did a survey on this trying to find out the reasons for this increase. The reasons ranged from people having extra time on their hands to individuals trying to save money.

Whilst this trend is on an upsurge, there is a genuine joy that many are getting themselves busy in the midst of a pandemic. But this has some risks when the projects stretch into areas like pest control. This is even scarier when those doing it don’t have any training for it. Below you will find risks you are likely to face when trying to get rid of rodents by yourself:

1.Health risk

Rodent Control

According to the CDC human beings are at risk when they come into contact with rodent faecal matter. This is more dangerous when one gets a bite from a pest that has come into contact with these rodents. The first advantage professionals have when dealing with rodents is their years of training. Secondly, they always come in ready with protective equipment.

The most obvious risk when tackling pests for yourself is your health and the health of those around you – whether that’s young children in the home or your staff and customers. Most pest control solutions will involve some sort of chemical which, if not utilised properly, can pose a serious health risk. You could end up poisoning someone if your attempts at pest control are scattered and not thought out – including your pets.

You may also end up endangering yourself if you try to confront any rodent, wasp or bird problems as you could startle or anger these pests who may attack in self-defence. These pests could also see you attempting to work at a height, something which is dangerous without the right experience and equipment. Read more from Pest Defence…

2.The risk of late intervention

Rodent Control

When you see one rodent running through your house, it is easy to assume it is the case of a solo rodent. But with the understanding of how rodents thrive in secrecy, you might actually be having an infestation in your home. The danger of doing a DIY project on this is that without proper knowledge of the situation, you will focus on a solo rodent leaving the rest to thrive.

Early detection is the most important step in rodent removal. Unless you’re a trained professional, you may not realize the number of pests involved in the infestation. Rodent populations tend to be much larger than the isolated few you may see or hear in your walls and ceiling. These intruders repopulate at an alarming rate therefore swift action is required to prevent your home from becoming a disaster breeding ground. When you hire a professional, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home will be thoroughly inspected to determine the severity of the infestation. While the process of eliminating these uninvited guests varies, a specialist will be able to tell you why the rodent has settled where it has and how it may have gotten there. From there, prevention measures can be taken to ensure you are protected from future infestations. Read more from D’s pest control….

3. You risk using more money

rodent control

As seen above, many were getting into DIY projects with the goal of saving money. But is it cost-effective over time? To answer that, you have to know the cost of getting rid of rodents. It isn’t a one-off event, it’s about the costs that you’ll incur in the subsequent months. Many homeowners don’t usually get rid of the whole problem and in doing so, they end up paying more in the future.

Many people go the DIY route because they want to see results right away, and they don’t want to spend a lot of money. However, this is counterproductive, because going with a professional wildlife company can save you money and time.

Since rodents are nocturnal, it can actually be difficult to identify them, and know exactly what type of rodent problem you are dealing with. If you’re unsure of the species and the entry points, you can often end up spending a lot of your valuable time and money on different treatments.

Since wildlife trappers are certified and highly trained in how to identify and remove rats, they will be able to identify your rat problem and create a solution that can be quickly executed and cost-effective. Read more from Alford Wildlife…

What advantages are there to working with a professional company? A professional company will offer you a one time deal with years of experience behind it. Yes, it may be a little more costly than when you do it yourself. But nothing can buy you the peace of mind this will give you. In Maryland, the company guaranteeing you the best rodent control services is Backyard Bug Patrol. We are the best when it comes to dealing with all sorts of rodents. Call us today!

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