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Lyme Disease – Prevention by Proactive Behavior

It’s that time of year when the number of reported cases of Lyme disease in humans appears to be on the rise. As the warmer climate arrives, the end of May and beginning of June are the months where there is a noticeable increase of this tick borne virus.

Warm weather means tick season is on the way

“I picked up my first tick this year in March, but we are now coming into the thick of tick season,” University of Maryland Entomology Professor Mike Raupp told WTOP.
“This is the time of year, usually in late May, early June and July, when the cases of human Lyme disease start to spike. And it’s because people are simply outdoors more.”

Are you going to be spending more time outdoors and enjoying the warmer weather? Chances are that you will be so it’s time to get yourself prepared and your tick control in order.

The month of May is also Lyme disease awareness month, so if you can take a moment to share this post you are also contributing to raise that awareness further. We all go outside right? So everyone needs to know about this.

Heading outdoors? Take precautions for Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May has been designated Lyme Disease Awareness Month with warmer weather beckoning potential victims – people and pets – into the woods and grassy areas where ticks await. Of particular concern is the deer tick, a smaller cousin of common ticks about the size of a pinhead, which carries potentially debilitating lyme disease.

We don’t necessarily need to take a trip into a woodland area to be at risk, these tiny critters can be as close as your back yard. Take action and protect yourself and your loved ones. A debilitating disease with no cure is worth prevention by proactive behavior.