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Due Diligence for your Dog when it comes to Ticks

When you become a dog owner it’s a huge but rewarding responsibility. There’s nothing better than your four legged companion by your side as you take a stroll whatever the weather.  Their excitement to be outdoors puts a smile on your face, however, outdoor fun comes with possible perils.

Ask a Vet: Being vigilant about ticks will help both you and your pets

Several people and dogs in my neighborhood have tested positive for Lyme disease over the last few years. Some of their dogs are positive for Lyme disease and also ehrlichiosis. Are the dogs giving the disease to the people? I am concerned that I could get tick diseases from my dogs.

Make sure that you are following the preventative steps as mentioned in the above article and if you need some help with “taking care of your yard” you can read more here about tick control.

By keeping your dog safe you are also keeping your family safe, because you are reducing the risk of hitch-hiking ticks on your pooch into your home.

How to prevent Lyme Disease in pets and children

Veterinarian Dr. Natalie Marks and Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Patricia DeLamorra, share tips on preventing the spread of Lyme Disease in your children and pets. “This year is going to be one of the worst tick burdens the country has ever faced,” said Dr. Marks.The northeast is the epicenter of tick disease and it is endemic across the country. Ticks spread Lyme which is a an inflammatory and debilitating disease caused by bacteria.

Do your due diligence when it comes to taking care of your dog. It’s important to know how to check for ticks and how often you should do it. Also how to remove one should you find a tick has taken a liking to your furry companion. Don’t delay and check for ticks today.