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Lyme Disease Laws in Maryland

Lyme disease for many years has been so difficult to diagnose. The tick borne virus is transmitted when we receive a bite from an infected tick and the infection can incubate for some time, often not showing any obvious symptoms as our bodies build up antibodies to fight it.  The following article explains how negative results when taking tests for Lyme disease has affected Baltimore Attorney Susan Green’s life and that of her family.

New Maryland law bolsters Lyme disease treatment process

Susan Green said she believed she contracted Lyme disease more than 20 years ago, but the tests kept coming back negative. “Meantime, in 2007, I had a seizure and lost my ability to retrieve language,” Green recalled. “My memory was completely wiped out. All of my limbs were twitching and curled up.”

Let’s hope that in the fight against Lyme that this new law will help to raise the standard care throughout the US, with the hope that further states will pass something similar.

If you’ve been tested before and received a negative result but are still concerned by your symptoms, then turning to your physician for a re-test may be the way forward to putting your mind at rest.

If you want to read more about the new legislation, then check out the following article.

Advocates Call State’s Lyme Disease Legislation Historic

New legislation passed by Gov. Larry Hogan is proof that the tick that gave Baltimore Attorney Susan Green Lyme Disease, bit the wrong lady. Green, who serves as legislative counsel for the National Capital Lyme Disease Association, was convinced she had Lyme Disease, but she spent years trying to convince doctors of her theory. They kept pointing to four negative test results for the fastest growing vector-bourne infectious disease in the United States.

There are steps you can take to protect yourselves from these tiny, disease spreading ticks. Make sure that your home is protected and if you venture out into areas where ticks like to live such as a woodland walk, ensure that you keep yourself covered. Something so small can have a huge impact on your health, it’s not worth taking any risks.