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Enjoy a Tick Free BBQ

Most of us enjoy the time of year when we can take the cooking outside and fire up the BBQ. It’s a great opportunity to dine alfresco in the warmer months and it also has the added bonus that it encourages us to be more sociable. The downside however, is that it’s not just us human beings that enjoy spending time in our back yard as we flip burgers and flame grill steaks. Pests like to get involved too! Ticks are a common problem and what is of more concern is that they could be contributing to us having problems with meat allergies. No fan of a BBQ wants that!

Tick bites linked to rising number of meat allergies

A tick-related meat allergy has been quietly spreading across the southern and eastern U.S. over the past two decades, but in the last few years the number of cases has been steadily rising. A tick bite in some people can kick off a sensitivity to red meat that can result in symptoms such as it

This short video below explains a little more about how this allergy can arise.

Lots of information there but it does make it a little clearer to understand and reiterates why we need to make sure we are up to date with our tick control. Not only just for the warmer weather when we are more likely to spend time outside, but all year round.

Tick populations may surge above normal across eastern US this spring

Tick populations are booming this spring following an unusually warm winter across the eastern United States. The University of Rhode Island Tick Encounter Resource Center, which performs a crowdsourced tick survey across America, lists a high tick encounter index across the Eastern states.

Don’t let these pests spoil our outdoor enjoyment. All it takes is some preventative steps and you can enjoy that big juicy steak with peace of mind that no nuisance ticks are going to ruin it for you.