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Ticks All Over The World

Spring time is almost upon us. It’s a time when we can all feel a little extra bounce in our step, the weather is starting to improve and there’s of course that positive vibe that we are coming out of those long winter months. However, with every positive there must be a negative, and so with the turn of the season comes the increase in tick population. In the state of Colorado, if you’re a fan of turkey hunting, then you might want to read this article.

Spring means time for tick season

The arrival of spring also means the Colorado turkey season is not far off. In fact it opens on April 9 this year.And turkey season marks the peak of tick season. And ticks and turkey hunting go together like Guinness in a green mug. If you’re going turkey hunting this spring you will definitely find ticks. Or rather, they will find you.

It is of course, not just this western U.S state that needs to be on ‘tick alert’. Throughout the United States, ticks are a common problem.

As the video explains, it’s very concerning how the expanse of the tick population is growing. With higher populations, come the increase in tick borne virus such as Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Tick borne disease is also much farther afield and can effect animals as well as humans. A recent warning has been issued to dog owners in the United Kingdom to be aware of a fatal tick borne illness, that could have devastating consequences.

Warning to dog owners after fatal tick-borne disease found in UK

Dog owners are being alerted to a deadly tick-borne disease that has been found in the UK for the first time. According to reports, one dog has died and several have been taken seriously ill after contracting babesiosis, caused by a parasite carried in the ticks.

No matter where you are on this huge planet, protect yourself from the tiniest of creatures. Take control of ticks that may be lurking near your home, not only for your sake but for the sake of your four legged friends too.