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Tick Season Arrives!

Beautiful springtime. The weather is warming up and there’s a little more bounce in our steps. We all love a rise in the climate, but unfortunately, so do pests and in particular those Lyme disease spreading critters, ticks!

Tick Season On Cape Cod: How To Avoid A Bite That Could Change Your Life – News
With spring and summer comes tick season. These tiny pests present a huge problem on Cape Cod and can may pose a big risk to your health. Most people know about the dangers of deer ticks, but American Dog ticks (also known as wood ticks) are also common on Cape and just as dangerous.

These dog ticks are not just attracted to our four-legged friends, they are happy to feast on us humans too.

It’s the time of year that we need to start preparing our homes to be protected against ticks. Stop these tiny but potentially deadly creatures getting onto and into our property.  It can be sometimes hard to identify which species are a threat so the key is to protect yourself and your pets against them all.

Here’s an article with some tips for protecting your dogs this tick season.

Early tick season: Tips for protecting dogs against ticks –
This week Interior Health sent out a public warning for ticks in the southern interior of the province, stating that the most common species in the region — the wood tick — is not known to carry Lyme disease bacteria, but can carry other diseases and toxins that can cause temporary muscle weakness and paralysis.

Remember, to always check your dogs for any hitch-hiking ticks after long walks. If you have any concerns that your pet may have been bitten by a tick and has become unwell as a result, turn to a veterinarian for advice.