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Why Silverfish Keep Invading Your Dunn Loring, VA Home and How To Stop ‘Em

You probably don’t fancy the idea of having any bugs in or around your home. The ones you know about are bad enough. You want nothing to do with them, right?  The worst part is that there are several other bugs in Fairfax County that you aren’t aware of. Plus, the fact that you may not know them doesn’t make them disappear. If only ignorance could whisk them away!

Today, we’ll look into one of the indoor pests that you probably see but aren’t quite aware of. Silverfish. And no, they are not a type of fish. Have no idea what they are? The following post offers some info:

indoor pest control - silverfish

Silverfish are scientifically known to be around 400 million years old. Making them quite possibly one of the oldest species of insects to walk the face of the earth. Their name is courtesy of their appearance, with a light grey complexion and fish-like appearance these small wingless insects are a big inconvenience to deal with.

How To Identify Silverfish?

The first thing you should focus on is proper identification. This helps in evaluating the problem and the degree of infestation that is taking place in your house.

Silverfish Appearance

Silver, blue or grey in colour

Tapered, tail-like appearance

Wingless with two slender antennas

10-12mm in length  Read more at Rentokil…

Did you have a light bulb moment as you read the description of their appearance? Well, there’s more to learn, so read on!

indoor pest control - silverfish

Are you wondering how or why these bugs ended up in your home? You’ll be surprised to find out where they prefer calling “home” and why.

Silverfish bugs prefer dark and humid areas like basements, kitchens, bathrooms and even attics. They are also pretty tough and can live in any climate, although they won’t thrive.

What attracts silverfish to your home?

Silverfish are especially attracted to damp clothing and paper. Warm and moist spaces are their favourite. That’s why leaving dirty dishes is a bad idea as they attract silverfish bugs.

The most common silverfish attractors are food, clutter, moisture and tranquillity. Read more at Fantastic Services…

Tranquility?! Yes. So, these peculiar creatures seem to love their space and prefer a place where there isn’t much movement going on. Does that ring a bell?

Now that any home would seem to have several places where these bugs can take a vacation, what are the risks? Should you be worried that they are around? Get your answers in the following post:

Scientists don’t believe silverfish bite people, as the insects have very weak jaws. They aren’t really strong enough to pierce a human’s skin. Some people may mistake an insect called an earwig for a silverfish — earwigs can pinch your skin.

Silverfish do bite into their food sources, though. Because their jaws are weak, it’s really more like a long drag or scrape. That’s where silverfish can damage your house. They can scrape their teeth against things like wallpaper, fabric, books, and other paper items. They tend to leave a yellow residue (fecal matter) in their wake.

Because silverfish are nocturnal and actually rather elusive, seeing these yellow markings or damage on paper or fabric in your house is usually the first sign that you have these insects…

…silverfish can go long time periods without eating. They also reproduce quickly and can live for several years. This means a few silverfish can quickly turn into an infestation of silverfish that can damage your home. Read more at Healthline…

So, as much as they won’t bite or crawl into your ears, they can cause serious destruction to your home if left unattended. Do you think you have a silverfish infestation? Then you need to get rid of them.

So whats the best solution? Not to worry, at Backyard Bug Patrol, we’ve got you covered! We’ve been serving Dunn Loring, VA residents for 10 years and counting. So, you can trust us for a comprehensive indoor pest control plan. Call us today and benefit from our experience and excellent services.