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Home Made Mosquito Repellent Clothing

Is it possible to make your own mosquito repellent clothing? There has been a rise in consumers purchasing treated items of clothing since the increasing threat of the Zika virus, but just how effective are these expensive additions to your wardrobe?


A government expert says the clothing can reduce the number of mosquitoes right around you. There is another way protect yourself, according to the CDC. Any repellent that works on your skin should work for just as long when applied to clothing.

Could spraying your shirt with insect repellent work just as well?

If you are going to apply permethrin to your clothing, make sure that you do this safely. Here’s another useful article with a step by step process.

How to Apply Permethrin Insect Repellent to Your Clothing

Permethrin clothing treatment is the product which simplifies insect precautions: if you are visiting anywhere in the world where you need protection from mosquitoes, ticks, or other biting insects apply permethrin to your clothes prior to travel to provide the highest degree of protection. Peremthrin treated clothing is the best-kept secret of adventure travelers.

Have you also thought about taking your protection a step further and applying a mosquito repellent for your yard? Using a multi-tiered approach you can make sure that your back yard is protected from these pests. There’s nothing like taking all possible prevention methods from a mosquito bite. They are out there to get us, so let’s put up our defences.