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Zika on the Rise in Florida

In just one day, Florida received confirmation of 11 further cases of the Zika virus. Just in one day! Let that information sink in for a moment. Although you may think that 11 is just a small number compared to the vast population of the southern state, it’s actually quite alarming. This mosquito borne virus is starting to gain momentum in transmission and yet we are still waiting for Congress to act. Here’s an article with more information.

New Zika record: 11 cases in Florida identified in one day

Florida health officials on Wednesday confirmed 11 new Zika infections in six counties, including Lake County, which reported its first case this year. In total, 263 people in Florida have contracted the Zika virus since January, though only 28 are still exhibiting symptoms, according to the health department.

The most concerning threat is of course the danger to pregnant women and their unborn babies. With the virus being connected to the cause of microcephaly, it can be quite an unnerving time for expectant mothers.  5 months ago, only 9 cases had been reported in Florida, we can see that this number has grown rapidly. We need to act fast!

No matter where you are in the U.S you are at risk of a mosquito bite, and that mosquito could be one that’s carrying Zika or any other mosquito borne virus. Are you taking all measures to protect yourself? Are you making sure you use repellent? Is your home protected with up to date mosquito control?

You have the option to ACT NOW! Let’s all contribute to the battle against these bugs.