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Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home in Takoma Park, MD

As winter approaches and the trips to Ziegler Park grow fewer, another phenomenon occurs. Spiders and other bugs move indoors in search of food and warmth. This leads to them entering your warm home in search of heat. These spiders, aside from being irritating pests, could also bite you, causing rashes or itching. For these reasons, it’s important to find out how to protect ourselves from them.

  1. Keep spider repellant plants around

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Some plants keep spiders away from your house and help the environment stay green. These plants like lavender and mint keep pesky spiders away with the added bonus of adding a splash of color to any living room.

…Almost all varieties of mint, including catnip or catmint, spearmint, and pennyroyal, work as spider repellants. Many people claim to have got the best results using peppermint plants. The strong pungent smell of the leaves makes them useful for driving off various insects. You may place whole plants near your doors, windows, and deck to keep spiders out, or you can just sprinkle a few leaves for the same effect. Read more at Going Evergreen…

Having these plants in a vase is one of the easier and cheaper ways to keep spiders away from your home while giving flair to your living room.

2. Keep any outside lights off

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Lights attract many insects to your house that spiders feed on. This, in turn, attracts the spiders to your house in search of food. The warmth these lights produce may also attract the spiders to your home.

…Insects are most attracted to light that is bright white or has a bluish hue. But, that’s not the whole story. Besides being attracted to light, insects are also looking for bulbs that offer warmth. Traditional incandescent bulbs that use glowing filaments create high heat and act like bug magnets, while cooler LED lights aren’t as appealing. Read more at Lon Lockwood Electric…

These simple steps can help keep spiders out of your home without the need for insecticides.

3. Own a Pet

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Many pets including cats and dogs are known to jump at any crawling insect. This helps to remove spiders from your house and keep them from reproducing and filling your home.

These pets can also be fun to have and be around.

…Any cat owner will be quick to tell you how their four legged friend likes to pounce, chase, and chomp on any small scurrying object, especially pests. Cats will chase anything that moves and smack it into oblivion or, occasionally, gulp it down. Unlike humans, they don’t have a natural fear of spiders, so they’re the perfect natural deterrent.

One important thing to note, however: if you have poisonous spiders in your area, you’ll want to be extra careful about what your cat comes into contact with. You do not want your precious pet  falling ill or worse because of an especially bad spider. Read more at Home Stratosphere…

Cats are also very easy to find and adopt from rescue shelters and other places. Many pet owners say they make a house safer and feel more like home.

These are just a few ways to keep spiders and other pests out of your Takoma Park, MD home. For more information on spider control in particular and pest control in general, call us today.