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New Jersey Prepares for the Arrival of Zika

With the very real threat of the Zika virus spreading rapidly, now is the time to prepare for July in New Jersey. The warmer weather, as we know is when mosquitoes are at their highest in population with their larvae beginning to hatch around the month of May. Here’s an article with more information.

Zika virus could reach N.J. by July

So long as it’s cold out, New Jersey has no need to worry about the Zika virus spreading here. But once the weather changes, the Zika virus could become a problem here, said Dina Fonseca, an entomologist and director of the Invasive and Emerging Disease Vectors Laboratory at Rutgers University.

So what exactly are the “right kind of mosquitoes” that transmit this disease and where has this all come from?

Some very useful information in that video to help us understand more about what is happening with this potentially devastating virus.

It really is closer to us than we would like to believe. The type of mosquito that carries Zika has recently been found in Washington, DC.

Type of Mosquito that Carries Zika Virus Found in Washington, DC

While the mosquito may not pose a great risk to residents, Lima believes it is here to stay. Warming global temperatures may be a factor in finding Aedes aegypti as far north as Washington, he said.

Take action now and ensure that your mosquito control is up to date. These pests are a year round threat and we need to take every step possible to protect ourselves and our loved ones.