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Mosquito Spray to Start the Day

As the warmer weather arrives, the mosquito population increases, and with temperatures rising early this year these pesky pests are spreading their wings early. It’s time to get out the repellent and make sure those mosquitoes don’t get chance to take a bite of you. However, if you are concerned about using sprays that contain DEET, here’s an article with some alternatives:-

Alternatives to using DEET as mosquito repellent

The best mosquito defense is insect repellent, but many have concerns over using DEET. Products without it tested well, said Patricia Calvo, deputy content editor of Health and Nutrition at Consumer Reports, which tested the best mosquito repellents.

It’s not just using repellent that will help you stay safe from mosquitoes. Taking care of your outdoor areas around your home is necessary to ensure that you, your family, friends and pets are protected.

Reducing the chances of mosquitoes being able to survive or breed in your backyard with mosquito control will contribute to your protection against irritating bites and potentially harmful mosquito borne diseases.

Here’s how to protect yourself and loved ones from mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can carry harmful viruses that cause serious illness in people. There are routine steps all people should take to reduce the possibly risk of mosquito bites.

As you can see from the above video, there are thousands of different species of mosquito, and it’s not always easy to identify which ones may pose a threat to our health. The action to take is to protect yourself against them all. Always make sure that you ‘spray’ before you start your day. It takes a few moments of your time to protect yourself before you step outside.