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Spread Awareness of the Zika Virus

The aedes aegypti mosquito, the deadly pest that is held responsible for the transmission of the Zika virus is a 24/7 snack monster! Most mosquitoes tend to feed around the times of dawn and dusk, however this one doesn’t care what time of day it takes a bite. Measures of mosquito control could prove to be a little tougher in the U.S than first thought.

Mosquito expert: Washington downplaying Zika virus threat to US

As the number of birth defects linked to a mosquito-borne virus surpasses 4,000 in Brazil, and scientists scramble to create a vaccine to protect against the untreatable disease, public health officials are bracing themselves for a potential outbreak in the U.S.

As the article states, public information is the first line of defence, which is why we here at Backyard Bug Patrol want to do what we can to spread awareness of this virus.

If you are a pregnant woman, then please do think about whether it’s absolutely necessary to travel to any countries or territories where the virus transmission is ongoing.

Experts: Pregnant women should avoid Zika-affected areas

Pregnant women are being warned not to travel to areas in Mexico and Central and South America, where the virus is spreading.

With the number of mosquito borne illnesses on the rise, we need to spread awareness, stay protected and listen to official advice to stay safe.