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Wife of Rolling Stone Avoids Exposure to Zika

The beautiful wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has listened to the alerts surrounding the Zika virus and is taking no chances on her unborn twin babies by leaving Brazil to minimize any exposure to the virus.

Zika virus concern prompts pregnant wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood to leave Brazil –
Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood says his pregnant wife has left Brazil to avoid exposure to the Zika virus. In a message posted on Twitter Monday, the musician says that Sally Wood had decided to leave the band’s tour of Latin America because the Zika virus and excessive flying was “too dangerous” for their unborn twins.

A very sensible decision we think due to the threat of this virus and the association of potential microcephaly.

It has not yet been 100% confirmed that Zika is the main cause of this devastating brain abnormality, but there is strong enough evidence at this time for a major health warning to be issued to not only pregnant women but to us all.

Health experts warn that Zika virus will infect millions worldwide – World Socialist Web Site
Health experts are warning that it is only a matter of time before the Zika virus spreads substantially around the world, with the World Health Organization estimating that the number of cases could reach between three and four million just in the Americas, with 1.5 million in Brazil, the epicenter of the epidemic.

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