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Zika Virus Transmitted Through Sexual Contact

Over the last few months there has been speculation that the mosquito transmitted virus known as Zika, can be spread through sexual contact. Researchers are currently studying the structure of the disease to discover important clues in the hope of finding therapeutic agents against the Zika virus. Here’s an article with further information.

Zika virus spreads through sexual contact, new findings may help to fight virus with drugs

Zika virus spreads through sexual contact and researchers have uncovered how this transmission occurs. The new findings can help develop targeted drugs to fight off Zika virus.

Let’s hope that a treatment can be developed as soon as possible.

There is still so much to find out about this harmful disease. If you suspect that you may have been infected from the bite of a mosquito you must take steps to seek medical advice and follow the safety guidelines when it comes to sexual intercourse and the transmission of the virus.

Doctors promote safe sex following zika virus outbreak

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control are urging men to practice safe sex if they’ve been travelling to areas where Zika virus is spreading. The guidelines suggest men with symptoms use condoms for six months after visiting a Zika infected areas, such as South or Central America and eight weeks if they are asymptomatic.

What can you do to protect yourself? Follow the guidelines and the absorb the helpful information in the articles we have shared. You can also follow the ‘4 R’s’ of mosquito prevention to protect your immediate surroundings.

Although sexual contact is cause for concern with the transmission of this virus, let’s not forget the root of the problem…mosquitoes!