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These Spiders May Freak You Out But They Have a Common Secret

Very few people would be comfortable enough to sit still in a room infested with spiders. No wonder the “Fear Factor” series would include a spider challenge- sleeping in a box and having spiders poured on the contestant. For starters, the hairy body of some species, similar to the caterpillar, already looks dangerous. And the fact that some of them bite is very worrying. However, there are some spiders that aren’t harmful to you and this post will look at three of them.

Jumping Spiders

Jumping Spider

These ones are probably the inspiration behind the superhero “Spiderman”. They have the ability to jump long distances of up to ten times their size! But these cute spiders are really nothing to worry about- even if you don’t believe it

Jumping spiders are not generally dangerous to humans. Jumping spiders are small, and many bite attempts don’t even break the skin. The University of California Davis reports that jumping spider bites are usually less painful than a bee sting and result in a welt similar to that caused by a mosquito bite.

They will not seek you out to bite you – these spiders only bite if they feel threatened, for instance, if you try to squish one with your hand.

Are Jumping Spiders Friendly?

Many people would describe jumping spiders as friendly. Their large eyes, the movements of their front legs and pedipalps, and tendency to “dance” make this type of spider the cutest of the arachnids. They also appear cautiously curious, often carefully observing nearby humans before retreating into a hiding place. Read more at A-Z Animals

Cellar Spiders

spider control

They are also referred to as daddy long-legs spiders and are the most common spiders you’ll come across in your home. In case you haven’t noticed, they will hardly ever attack you. They prefer more peaceful ways of dealing with threats to their existence.

Cellar spiders spin loose, messy webs in the corners of rooms, usually where the wall meets the ceiling. They feed on any insects they can find within a home, but will also hunt other spiders – including surprisingly large house spiders!

Cellar spiders often hang upside down from their webs, but different spiders have different approaches to danger. If they’re disturbed, some cellar spiders will bounce and vibrate rapidly in their web to try and frighten away the threat, whilst others will curl up and try to look as inconspicuous as possible. Read more at Wildlife Trusts

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders

Their name doesn’t give an accurate description of their nature. They look and sound scary, what with their hairy bodies and large eyes. But these spiders aren’t as dangerous as wolves are…

Another factor that can make wolf spiders intimidating is that they don’t use a web to catch prey; instead, they hunt for their food. Using their coloring as camouflage, these spiders stalk their prey at night. Instead of a web, they will dig or use tunnels made by other animals or live in vegetation.

While wolf spiders, like most other species, are shy and will keep their distance from people, they will bite if threatened. You should keep in mind that wolf spiders are often confused for the difficult to identify, brown recluse, which along with the black widow, are the two medically dangerous spiders in the country. Read more at American Pest

Each of these spiders is not a serious threat to you. However, it’s a sure bet that you wouldn’t want these bugs all over your home, right? So, you can do your part to keep them away.

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