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What Attracts Spiders To My Home?

Spiders are a common creature and they’ve been around for ages. Even when you travel to another continent, you’re not likely to miss coming across a spider web. No wonder someone thought of scripting the famous Spiderman movie series. You just can’t miss them.

But the biggest question is what really makes them come into human space? Do they come to bite and get a blood meal from you like mosquitoes? Do they just like the warmth? What are they really after? Below you will find three answers to these questions.

Weather changes

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Spiders in Australia are a perfect example of this fact. Whenever floods are approaching, spiders tend to migrate to avoid being drowned by the waters. In the case your house is nearby they will move to your space. Here are other times they can migrate:

It’s important to note that there is no one preferred climate for spiders. With over 46,000 species living in climates ranging from arctic to tropical, these arachnids are widely varied and quite versatile. Some species of spiders have adapted entirely to life indoors and rarely experience the elements at all!

With that said, weather changes can drive outdoor spiders inside. Spiders can typically survive temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit. When faced with high heat, these creatures will seek out cooler spots (potentially indoors). In the cold, they exhibit a behavior known as cold hardening: producing a chemical inside their bodies that essentially functions as an anti-freeze. To avoid deploying this survival mechanism, spiders may simply take up root inside someone’s warm home. They may also turn to indoor shelter to avoid the elements. Read more from Bobvila…

Presence of food

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One of the most common factors that will bring bugs into your home is the search for food. But the interesting thing with spiders is that they feed on other pests. This should bring out an exclamation of joy from you. But you don’t want them in huge droves because that is dangerous for your household.

The most apparent reason why these crawlers keep coming to your home is due to the presence of a food source. They love insects that we commonly see in our houses. These include crickets, mosquitos, cockroaches, and moths.

Although many people would say that spiders are natural pest controllers, having too many of them may attract their kind. This phenomenon becomes a big problem because these tiny crawlers are cannibals. Read more from Letti and Co…

Presence of a garden

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Spiders get into gardens in search of a hot or cold-blooded meal. Most gardens will host other creatures like mosquitoes and in their search for food, they set camp there. This is why you are seeing spider webs on your wall near your garden. Again this is what makes a healthy ecosystem but you need to ensure they are not causing a threat to you and your household.

The most common reason that attracts pests, including spiders, is the garden in your yard. Spiders love the outdoors and feed on insects. Even though they will remove other harmful insects, which is good, but a garden can often invite some poisonous species of spiders like the brown recluse or the black widow. Read more from J & J Exterminating company…

As you’ve seen, spiders aren’t entirely there to harm, they also have benefits. But it is dangerous for your household when you don’t deal with them and they end up infesting your home. You should consult with professionals to assess the situation in your home. In Maryland, you can call Backyard Bug Patrol. We are here to eliminate all indoor pest problems. Call us today.

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