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Ticks Love Christmas Trees Too!

We thought it was important to share another reminder about watching out for those dreadful deer ticks this holiday season. If you’ve not been made aware, these Lyme disease-spreading pests are putting a bit of a dampener on our Christmas trees! Here’s why…

Better Watch Out for Deer Ticks This Holiday Season

This holiday season, you better watch out — for ticks. Unusually high fall temperatures in the northeastern United States have let blacklegged ticks (Ixodes scapularis), also known as deer ticks, remain active later into December than usual. This means that a visit to a Christmas tree farm could bring an unexpected encounter with a bloodsucking hitchhiker.

If you are off to shop for your tree, make sure you dress appropriately, so you don’t find a tick making it’s way onto your skin. And when you get back home, give that tree a thorough inspection before taking it inside.

It’s enough to make you feel all itchy seeing all those bugs! Maybe this year a fake tree might be the best option

Fake Christmas trees won’t tick you off – Chicago Tribune
Why have you not heard these Christmas warnings about ticks and Christmas trees before? Easy. Usually December is cold enough that ticks go into their own chilled coma, and you are safe from neck-plunging mini–vampire pincers.

Consider protecting your home from ticks all year round. With higher temperatures, there’s no cold weather to kill these critters off!