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Meat Allergy from Tick Bite

If you are partial to a nice juicy steak, a succulent leg of lamb or just consider yourself to be a meat lover, then you might want to take a moment to read this article because your enjoyment may be at risk if you get bitten by a Lone Star tick.

Red Meat Allergy: Incidence on Rise, Therapy in Works

It’s an unusual condition that has only been recognized for less than a decade: red meat allergy. The allergy develops after a bite from a Lone Star tick triggers a person’s immune system to begin producing IgE antibodies to alpha-gal, a sugar found in meat such as beef, lamb, venison and pork.

If you like a BBQ or two then this may be a concern you don’t want to overlook, especially as these critters can reside in your own back yard. Is your home protected with a barrier spray program to stop these uninvited guests?

It’s not just meat allergies that these ticks are responsible for. Lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever are two further tick borne viruses that can be transmitted through the bite of an infected tick.

Ticked off – Army public health touts free testing program

As the summer season swings in to full gear, Army public health officials want to ensure that Department of Defense personnel are aware of a free service to help combat the threat of tick-borne diseases.

If you’ve discovered a tick about your person, make sure you remove it correctly and if you have any concerns that you are showing signs of a tick borne virus, then contact your doctor for advice immediately.