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New Jersey County Sees Rise In Tick Disease

When we think of tick borne diseases, the one to spring to the front of our mind is Lyme disease. We’ve all heard of it and all have a different level of understanding as to what the threat of this debilitating illness entails. However, have you heard that it’s not only Lyme that’s a cause for concern.

Two tick diseases on the rise in Sussex County

Many people may not know that two other obscure tick-borne diseases, anaplasmosis and babesiosis, are on the rise, causing much worse symptoms than Lyme disease.

As with Lyme disease, diagnosis can prove difficult, so it’s important to be able to recognize any symptoms that might indicate that you’ve been bitten by an infected tick.

A further article relating to the New Jersey  tick problem states that “Between December 2013 and January 2015, the New Jersey Department of Health reported 69 cases of anaplasmosis and 171 cases of babesiosis. There were 2,589 diagnoses of Lyme disease in New Jersey in 2014.” You can read this in full below:-

Two lesser-known tick diseases spike in Sussex County

This year, New Jersey residents in Sussex County appear to be experiencing a rise in two lesser-known tick-borne diseases, anaplasmosis and babesiosis, in a trend that one physician says may be attributable to warmer temperatures lasting beyond the typical tick season, according to The New Jersey Herald.

Climate change is influencing a change in how these pests live and breed, so we need to make sure that year round we are protecting ourselves from all nature of disease spreading critters.