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Pet Owners: Ticks Just Got Meaner

When we think of ticks, the first kind that springs to mind for most of us is the Deer tick, the pest responsible for the transmission of Lyme disease. However, there are other species of tick that are out there some of which are even more deadly, especially to our four legged friends. If you are a pet owner, you may wish to read this article.

‘Lone Star’ tick spreading nationwide, new breed posing increased threat to pets

Generally only found in and around Texas, the “Lone Star” tick is making its way north and is wreaking havoc on both humans and pets. This particular species of pest is considered by veterinarians to be extremely dangerous. The Lone Star is no ordinary tick. While most ticks are blind, this pest has extremely good eyesight. Additionally, unlike most tick species, they tend to attack pets in a swarm.

Do you know the prevention steps to take to protect your pets from ticks?

When you’re pet has been outside, it’s so important to check each time for ticks, and if you do find one know how to remove it.  These tiny bugs are attacking in swarms and this is serious!

‘Lone Star’ Ticks Attacking New England Pets In Swarms

These Texan ticks are three times as fast as the Lyme disease-carrying Deer tick and have great vision, according to the MSPCA. What’s worse, is that they tend to attack animals in swarms.  “Unfortunately they’re very aggressive, they’re very fast,” said Sinnott. “So they can kind of hone in on a dog, or a person, and bite.”

As the population of ticks rises early this year due to warmer climates, there’s no time like the present to start getting yourself into a habit, as a responsible pet owner to check your furry friend regularly for these irritating deadly pests. I’m sure if your dog could check itself, it would!