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Vampire Ticks

Through tales of folklore, Vampires have been popular creatures that for many years have spread fear through horror films, novels and let’s not forget those Halloween costumes. Their blood sucking antics are what scare us the most.

These fictitious creations may not visit us during the twilight hours in reality, however there are a number of ‘bloodsuckers’ that are very, very real and will feast on your blood no matter what time of the day it is. In particular a small, almost unseen arachnid – the tick.

Of things that suck your blood, what is the most repulsive?

Inquiring minds might wonder which of the many blood-sucking parasites is the most revolting. (Insert your own politician joke here). No, I’m talking about animals that literally suck blood for a living – mosquitoes and ticks may be the first ones you think of as they seem to be Southern specialties, but don’t forget fleas, lice, and leeches.

Did you know that ticks only feed 3 times in their entire life cycle? I’m sure if you were only going to feast thrice, you would make the most of it and enjoy every last mouthful.

Ticks can remain on yourself or your pet for several days, so it’s important that you perform thorough tick checks regularly, especially if you have ventured out into woodland areas or other habitats where these vampire insects like to dwell. If you find one about your person or on your pet, make sure you know how to remove it safely.