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Mosquito Fighting Street Lamps

Mosquitoes just love the taste of us human beings don’t they? So many of us complain about receiving an irritating bite from one (or many) of these needle nosed pests. Not only do they make us scratch at our skin, they are also the cause of spreading many deadly diseases. Simply put… we hate mosquitoes!

It seems that our scent is too tantalizing to the mosquito passing by. As it buzzes past our aroma, it’s hunger pang becomes too much and it stops off for a bite to eat. Scientists have discovered a new way to give them what they want, but without feasting on our flesh.

New Street Lamps Lure Mosquitoes With Fake Human Scents

When setting a trap, it makes sense to tailor the bait to the tastes of whatever critter you’re trying to snag. Whether it’s a mousetrap or a roach motel, that old saying about catching more flies with honey tends to be true. So when it comes to baiting mosquito traps, it makes sense to make them smell like one of their favorite foods: people

Double bonus! These lamps are energy efficient, what’s not to love about them already!

Follow the light! UM invents mosquito trapping street lamp in war against dengue 

Several Universiti Malaya (UM) researchers have created a new kind of street lamp that mimics human smells to lure and capture mosquitoes in a bid to curb the spread of insect-borne diseases, especially the dengue epidemic.

Installation of these lamps is still at the very early pilot stage. We hope that the discovery proves successful, as not only will this be a breakthrough in the fight against mosquitoes and their tendency to spread dangerous diseases, but also a huge contribution to energy efficiency.